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Zoomlion 30ton Teleskopiku Tkaxkir Krejn Zct300v532, Mudell Ġdid Meħlus b'Bejgħ sħun
Zoomlion 30ton Teleskopiku Tkaxkir Krejn Zct300v532, Mudell Ġdid Meħlus b'Bejgħ sħun

Zoomlion 30ton Teleskopiku Tkaxkir Krejn Zct300v532, Mudell Ġdid Meħlus b'Bejgħ sħun

Karatteristiċi tal-prodott

● Strong lifting capacity
The main boom consists of 5 U-shaped boom sections which can extend to a maximum length of 42m, contributing to the crane’s superior comprehensive lifting capacity and securing Zoomlion’s leadership in the industry. The independently designed plate-type boom head and compact boom end realize optimal overlapping ratio as well as stronger lifting capacity of the main boom. The second generation of free boom telescoping technology, which is novel in the industry, increases stability during telescoping and brings the overall vehicle with higher anti-tipping capacity.

● Effiċjenza għolja tax-xogħol
A hydraulic pilot control joystick is installed in the crane, which is capable of compounding movements of the main and auxiliary winches, the derricking mechanism, the slewing mechanism and the telescoping mechanism, therefore greatly increasing the crane’s lifting efficiency.
The crane is characterized in its convenient, flexible, stable and reliable operations which can be adjusted in a stepless way.
Single rope speed of the hoisting winch 1 and 2 can reach 135 m/min (at 4th layer on the drum).

● Stronger single wire rope pulling force
The main and auxiliary winches use a standard φ17 anti-twisting wire rope.

● Ottimizzazzjoni tat-trasport, assemblaġġ u żarmar
Easy for transfer between working sites; the whole vehicle can be transported in one truck.
The crawler carriers can be extended and retracted, and the maximum transport width of the crane is 3 m.

Max. kapaċità ta 'rfigħt30
Max. mument ta 'rfigħt×m123
Tul tal-boom prinċipalim10.7-42
Tul tal-ġibsm8
Max. tul tal-boom prinċipali b'jib fissm42 + 8
Angolu tal-boom prinċipali°-1.5-80
Jib offset°0, 15, 30
Max. veloċità waħda tal-ħabel tal-winċ prinċipali tal-irfigħm / min135Ħatt, ir-4 saff tanbur
Max. veloċità waħda tal-ħabel tal-winċ awżiljarju tal-irfigħ.m / min135Ħatt, ir-4 saff tanbur
Derricking speed (up/down)s35
Boom derricking up ħins80
Veloċità tat-tidwirrpm0-2.7
Veloċità tal-ivvjaġġarkm / h0-3
Max. gradabbiltà%45
Piż mejjett41.2
Kontra l-piżt12
Dimensjonijiet ġenerali (L × W × H)mm12935 × 4540 (2990) × 3000
Weichai WP6G190E301
Qawwa nominali / veloċità rotazzjonalikW / rpm140/2000
Max. torque tal-ħruġ / veloċità rotazzjonaliNm / rpm860/1500
Emissjoni ta' l-egżost/Chinese National Stage III

Nota:The single rope speed of the winch, slewing speed and traveling speed vary with the load.